Welcome! What is WINE, WOMEN & WHATEVER, you ask? As women, we have a high calling.  Life can be challenging.  At times it can feel like too much and  not enough all at once. How do we rise above our own challenges and hang-ups?  Are we left to fight our own battles or are we called for a higher purpose?

 Wine, Women & Whatever is a safe-haven for women to just be…women. By banding together under a covering of fellowship, laughter, inspiration and God’s grace we can influence each other on to greatness.

Led by experienced D.I.V.A. Life Coaches, WWW provides a fundamental atmosphere of knowledge and support.  It’s a time for us to train our minds and hearts to be the best women possible while having a lot of fun, entertainment and stimulating conversation.

As we ignite God’s divinity in each other, together we’ll discover our God-given essence and purpose. We can change this world for the better.  We can experience a personal shift in the caliber of our own womanhood that will impact not only our families, friends and loved ones, but generations to come.

Ladies, we are Divine Instruments Virtuously Appointed. If you didn’t know, now you do.  This is our true calling and mission. Don’t miss out. Can’t wait to share in the adventure.

Love ya,,

~ the 3Dub Team